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  • Igniting Real Purpose and Fire in Your Life
  • How to Turn Everything Around in Less than 6 Months
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On paper, you "have it all." You're an achiever. You're successful.

But at night, you feel anxiety bubble up within you. 

You might silence the anxiety with food, or wine, or online retail therapy; and it's a habit, a cycle of self-sabotage you feel stuck in and ashamed of. You know you want to change what you're doing, but you've tried to stop before and you just don't know how to break the cycle.

I've been there. It's the high-achievers shame-sabotage cycle and it's a doozy. I wasted years trying to willpower my way to change. It didn't work and I only felt more inadequate, more of an achievement imposter. 

To break the cycle you have to change the way you think, and in doing so, you'll disrupt the way you act.

And that's the first thing we'll address in this Break the Cycle Audio Series.

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