Ellie's Snail Mail Lemonade

$5/Lemonade Bundle + Shipping

The world has a virus, and it keeps us apart. But my lemonade will bring us together!

Welcome to my modern version of a lemonade stand! I would like to send you some lemonade to make out of the lemons of life. I proudly send bundles of lemonade and sunshine through my staff of special snails.

Each purchase of Ellie's Snail Mail Lemonade includes a personalized and special lemonade bundle from me right to your mailbox to make you smile.

Making Lemonade Out of Lemons.

Delivering happiness to your mailbox.


That's right. Ellie's Snail Mail Lemonade is delicious, refreshing and will make you happy.


Ellie's Snail Mail Lemonade includes some fun special touches that we know you'll love.


You'll get a personal touch from Ellie, guaranteed to make you smile.


If your Ellie's Snail Mail Lemonade doesn't make you smile, we'll refund you!

Yes, please! Send me some sunshine!

To order Ellie's Snail Mail Lemonade, please fill out the comment box to the left. Please include your full mailing address in the comments.

We will contact you with payment options, or you can Venmo Ellie's accountant Trish Blackwell at @TrishBlackwellSynan. Please add $4 to cover the cost of shipping.