How to Sell Without Being Salesy

Instant Access Masterclass

A 30-minute workshop that provides the EXACT sales confidence techniques I used to sell (and teach others to sell) MILLIONS of dollars of personal training and coaching services over the past 15 years.


This live webinar will teach you everything you need to know about selling without being pushy. You’ll learn how to create a waiting list for your services, increase your closing percentage, and sell with confidence

When: Instant Access - Right Now!

Where: Zoom (I'll provide the link)

Why: So you make more money!


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Being able to sell without being pushy is an art form that not many entrepreneurs have mastered. But with this webinar, you’ll be able to get over any fears or hesitation you have about selling and start seeing the success you desire.

In just 30-minutes you'll learn:

⚫️ How to sell with confidence, so that you make more $
⚫️ How to not personalize rejection & make selling fun
⚫️ How to create a waiting list for your services