Be the person you want to be this year. It starts here.



JANUARY 8-12, 2024 | 12PM-1PM EST

New You Week will walk you through 5 critical steps that successful people take to become the version of themselves that want to be. Success is not a destination, or a fluke. Success is a mindset. Don't let yourself be who you are by default, be the you that God created you to be by design and intentionality: New You Week will help.

This isn't just another program; it's a commitment to a new and improved you.

Live Workshops

You'll get over 5 hours of live coaching workshops and support, plus the replays and workbooks so you can watch at whatever time works best for you. We'll coach live from 12PM-1PM EST, January 8th-January 12th.

Replays Available

Can't make the live workshops? No problem! You can participate and get the full experience by watching the replay videos that will be sent out. We make personal growth convenient for when works best for you.

Community Accountability

Surround yourself with a community of hundreds of other go-getters who want a more positivity and more success in their lives, just like you. You'll feel encouraged by how many others want to grow too, and want more from life, just like you.



This is a week of coaching that will transform the way you show up, and how you see yourself, in 2024. When you see yourself as successful, unstoppable and limitless, you will be. New You Week will help.


New Self-Concept

We'll establish exactly who you will be, and how you will see yourself in 2024. In this training you'll learn 3 strategies on how to be this "next level" version of you.


New Habits

Together in this coaching session we'll establish the new habits that you are going to commit to in 2024. You'll learn 3 hacks to increase your consistency so that this is a year that you actually commit and stay committed all year long.


New Commitment

In this session, we'll tackle past reasons why your commitment has faltered, and how to deepen the level of belief that you have in the results you want to create.


New Potential

In this session, you will learn how to go from "knowing" that you have potential to really "believing" you have potential. You'll learn 5 ways you can show up in your life in a way that you believe in yourself at a new level.


New Relationships

Our final session of the week will help you walk through an analysis of who you surround yourself with, and how to improve those relationships. You'll learn the 3 questions everyone should ask themselves to create a next-level social life.

One small payment.

One amazing transformation.

All in one week.

What people say about coaching with Trish:

Working with Trish is life changing.  I highly recommend her to anyone that wants to get UNSTUCK in that cycle of toxic thinking and live a more joy-filled life to achieve results you never knew were possible!

- Kelly (North Carolina)

Every call with Trish motivates me to take massive action, not only in my business, but also in my life. If you have the opportunity to work with Trish in any capacity, I would highly recommend it because it's life-changing."

- Barb (Ohio)

Trish answers questions I didn't know I have. I love her programs - they have been life-changing for me.

- Kristina (New York, NY)