You are worthy.

Learn how to step into unshakeable self-confidence by embracing your place as a daughter of the King.

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hat if you could experience the ups and downs of life with deep confidence and profound security? What if you knew that you are so deeply loved you stopped caring what people think of you, that you stopped second-guessing yourself? What if you really walked with the dignity and grace of divine royalty?  

That's what Straighten Your Crown is all about. 

This book is the mirror that you have been looking for your whole life. It's a mirror that reflects how God sees you and the delight that He feels about you. You will see that you make Him smile. 

These pages will open new options to you. The option to say no to self-doubt. The option to choose your thoughts. The option to achieve anything you want. The option to believe that you are enough. 

As you read, each chapter will invite you step fully into being God's daughter.  You're a daughter of the King.  The King's fingerprints of love and protection are evident in every area of your life, from the mountaintop moments to the darkest valley, as you read, you will see His love for you show up in ways you have never before considered.

It's time to know what it feels like to be enough. It's time to know what life feels like without anxiety, without stress and without self-doubt. It's time to stand tall with confidence and shine like the light you were created to be. It's time to straighten your crown.


You won’t believe what it feels like to be a daughter of the King.

And it will change everything you know about God's love for you. This devotional invites you into not just knowing God loves you, but really feeling God's love.


Trish Blackwell is the founder of The College of Confidence, host of The Confidence Podcast, and an industry thought leader for Confidence Coaching. Her coaching methodology and encouragement have reached over 3 million women worldwide. She spent years of her life under the weight of perfectionism and self-doubt, struggling with an eating disorder, low self-esteem, body confidence issues, self-sabotage and limiting beliefs. Her story includes sexual assault, abuse, debt and a few near-death experiences. God rescued her, healed her and planted a passion within her to help millions of other women live confidently as God's daughters, free from fear and filled with peace. She, her husband and two young children live in the Washington D.C. area. 

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